Wear Gold!

Deep Black Gold 'I am not for everybody'-Jacket

I usually prefer natural materials like silk, but this 100% Polyacryl fabric is quite shiny and a great robust material, a little bit motorcycle-stuntman-like! But please be careful if you wanna wear it on the bike, I won't take any responsibility for the hordes of wild girls (or men) that run after you lol! Size: M - As always, you can send it back if it doesn't suit you.
Price: $3,300 - Email to bookings @ timsindermann.com

'Billionaire on Vacation' Turqouise Shirt

Lovely Billionaire-on-Vacation style in turqouise, yet the Label inside says Hugo Boss RED, so maybe we have different color definitions??! Material is Stretch Cotton like, you can zip open both sides!
Price on request. Email to bookings @ timsindermann.com

The shiny Silver Gold Pyramid Jacket is quite an eyecatcher and screams 'I own this country' lol ;-) Nevertheless, Size M / 48, and enjoy beautiful Cocktail evenings in the Beach club!
Price: $3,300 - Email to bookings @ timsindermann.com